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Look for the question you posted. You may also like to browse this Q&A which I have arranged like a FAQ page for the benefit of visitors like you. To add a question, click here.

Q Does Java support regular expressions?

A Yes, since version 1.4. Shortly, you will see an article on how to use regular expressions in Java. So keep looking!

Q I want a confirmation about MVC. Can I embed a view in Servlet as HTML instead of making it in JSP? Will it still be called as MVC architecture?

A JSP is really a Servlet in disguise. No matter what you use to implement the View functionality, as long as you keep the three (M, V & C) separate, you will achieve this architecture pattern.

Q How do I write a Java program running at proxy server which sniffs packets sent by its clients through it. It is required to keep an account of URLs that are requested by their clients.

A You have two options:
1. Configure the proxy server to save requested URLs in a file and let your Java program access it and display only relevant URLs sorted and filtered.

2. Write a Java program that intercepts the URLs requested, cache the same, and then forward them to proxy. This could be tricky, but a sure bet.

Q My question is about connection pooling in java. I happen to get some codes but they are a bit  complicated. Will it be possible for you to please send me the same.

A You can get Connection Pooling code from either Wrox (Java Server Programming) or O'Reilly from their website, both are simple to use, and easy to understand.