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Anand Betanabhotla




Working in challenging environments that require object oriented analysis, architecture and design of application systems using Java Servlets, EJBs, JSPs, Struts Framework and Swing and also in Internet based applications using latest open source technologies like Spring and Maven.




·          Eight years Professional experience as a lead developer and analyst, entirely in Internet related technologies.

·          Good skills in system analysis, architecture and design of software applications.

·          Adequate Knowledge of EJB, Struts Framework, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, JDBC, RMI, CORBA, internationalization.

·          Fundamental knowledge about JMS and JAAS.

·          Good communication, presentation and Customer relation skills.

·          Ability to work independently or in a team.

·          Highly adaptive to new environments, stimulated by new challenges.

·          Available for full-time, part-time or consultancy jobs.




Operating Systems     : Windows XP/NT/2K/98/95, Linux

RDBMS                        : Oracle 8.x, MS-Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Languages                  : Java and UML, smattering of C++ and PERL, and SQL.

Software                     : EJB, Servlets, JavaScript, JSP, JDBC, Applets, 


HTML Editors              : MS FrontPage 98, Eclipse IDE

GUI tools                     : Java/AWT, Swing and Visual Basic 5.0 (basic)

Design Tools               : Microsoft Visio

Web Servers               : IIS, Java Web Server, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss

Version Control           : CVS

Application Servers    : JBoss

IDE’s                           :Eclipse.




Vital Nerve Center

Client: Vital Technologies


Vital Nerve Center is an offshoot of the Electronic Document Center (discussed below). As part of efforts at productizing the application, the following features are being added:

o         Document Workflow

o         Federated Search

o         Integrating Lucene Search Engine

o         Log File Analysis Tool


The Business Development has requested an upgrade of the VNC product with the above features. Requirements have been identified and I am presently engaged in the design of the system.





Asmara Air Ticketing System (ATS)                                                  June 2005 to present

Client: B.H.O Technology Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia


ATS is developed as a web-based database driven application for Asmara Air Services, a low cost airlines in Malaysia. The entire application is built using open source technologies. Transactions are managed via Hibernate along with the industry standard enterprise application server JBOSS.

ATS is used to automate airlines flight scheduling and online booking system, spread over several airports in Malaysia. The open source Ecipse IDE is used to build the application using EJB sessions, Struts framework, JSPs, JavaScript and HTML. It was first tested locally on the development server, released for testing the application on QA server and then on the staging server server for client acceptance before deploying on the production server. The team is currently engaged in preparing for a beta release with support for internationalization.


I was responsible for the requirements analysis, system architecture and design and driving the team towards implementation.




·          Analyze client’s requirements.

·          Select appropriate technologies for the project (required to be extensible and pluggable with future modules like accounting and inventory)

·          Preparing architectural drawings and driving use cases

·          Help develop wire frames for application mockup in HTML

·          Developing documentation – Project Approach document, technologies used, staffing, planning iterations, project build hierarchy, and User Manual.

·          Introducing the application to the end users during the pilot testing.

·          Used ant scripts to extract source files from CVS repository to build jar file for deployment on the application server.


Environment: HTML, JDBC , JAVA, JavaScript, Struts Framework, JSP, PostgreSQL, Linux,

JBOSS Application Server, and Eclipse IDE, CVS and Hibernate.



Content Management System                                       November 2004 to March 2005

Client: Infotrieve, LA


Involved in the design, development and testing of a content management system for a client in the US. The application was web-based aimed at the education and research community in gathering, filtering, storing, crawling, indexing and presenting the results to the end user of the application.




·          Representative of an outsourced party for technical discussions.

·          Guiding offshore team about testing the product while undergoing iterative development.

·          Discussing and analyzing the product requirements and helping with the development of test cases.



Environment: JAVA1.4, Struts Framework 1.1, Lucene Search Engine, JAVA Servlets 2.2, JSP 1.1, HTML, JDBC, Oracle 9i, JavaScript , Windows 2000.



Electronic Document Center                                                          June 2004 to Sep 2004

Client: AP Governemnt, India

Information Technology and Communications Department (IT&C)


The IT&C Department of AP state government required a document repository and retrieval system that could manage documents stored in a hierarchy of categories. Both the documents as well as the categories shall have user-defined access levels and a pre-defined set of users with varying privileges and access rights shall be able to access them.

The application also allows a mapping of the logical store to a physical store whereby a user knows precisely where a document is stored in the document office.

I have provided the system architecture, design and the tools to be used in development. As per the policy all development took place in Linux and open source tools like Eclipse and Jakarta Tomcat. The database was Oracle 9i and the all database operations were carried out using stored procedures.


Ant script was used for build automation and Javadoc documentation was provided in the source code.




·          Analyzed product requirement

·          Prepared system diagram and product architecture

·          Supervised design and development using Struts framework.

·          Testing the application and developed test cases.

·          Developing documentation using the javadoc standards.

·          Introducing the application to the end users during the pilot testing.


Environment: JAVA1.4, Struts Framework 1.1, JAVA Servlets, JSP 1.1, HTML, JDBC, Oracle 9i, JavaScript, Windows NT & 2000, Linux Redhat.



Science Research Center (SciRC)                                                   Jan 2004 to Jun 2004

Client: Gale Thomson (USA)


Gale outsourced a portion of their application SciRC, built on Galenet platform - a struts-like framework that relies on a URL builder to point to Gale databases.  The team was required to understand this framework – a huge monolithic structure built over the years – and implement new features in a time-bound manner. There was great support for the team from Gale software engineers and the team completed the tasks in good time.




·          As team lead in designing and developing new features.

·          Feature team lead in designing and developing the web pages as per the requirement of the customers and meeting with the customers over WebMeeting to finalize their requirements.

·          Connecting to common repository at Gale using Eclipse CVS plug-in.

·          Interacting with Gale team lead and project manager weekly to review progress and clarify requirements.

·          Developing documentation using the javadoc standards.


Environment: Galenet platform, JSP, CVS



Mobile Intranet                                                                               Feb 2003 to Nov 2003

Client: Flensberg University, Germany                                


The project was a part of collaborative effort at Center for Mobile Communication for Developing Countries []


The client representative requested a demonstrable application for the Motorola device Accompli 008, which can connect to a web application running on a remote server. The application was aimed at mobile technicians who connect to the remote application via the device’s networking capabilities and download the day’s job. They interact with the application remotely to update their job activities, maintain their accounts on the device and periodically updates summaries to the server and request resources in carrying out their work. The application maintains a database of mobile users, customers, resources and accounts.


The application on the device was written to J2ME, using XML to transfer data to and from the server. The server side application was written in Java, JDBC, JSP, Java Beans and XML.




·          Developing User Interfaces, database design, system architecture and XML data exchange.

·          Developing UI using Midlet and other J2ME.

·          Developing the client and server sides of the application

·          Developing documentation using the javadoc standards.

·          Retrieval and storage of data elements from database using JDBC.

·          UI German Translation provided by client representative.

·          Involved in the design of the framework used for testing the application. This is basically aimed at testing the device capability with a view to a commercial product.


Environment: HTML, JDBC, JAVA1.2, J2ME, JAVA Script, MySQL , Windows NT

Tomcat.                                                                                  Mar 2002 to Dec 2002

Client: Online clients


As a registered java expert at Kasamba, I have designed and developed tools and applications for clients. One of the tools included a Log File Analyzer for a telecom client. It was required to statistically present information regarding the access times of users of the telecom facilities. The required information was embedded in a mass of data spread over several log files.


I have also built an application for an online tutorial and examination system for a client. The application was built using Java, JSP, Java Beans, JDBC and HTML.




·          Designing the classes at server-side confirming to OOP's and 3-tire architecture.

·          Extensive use of Java Servlets for retrieving the data from the database and generation of HTML on the fly for presentation to the client.

·          Analyzing and coding various User Interfaces including run time validations.

·          Used JDBC for storage and retrieval of data elements from the Database.

·          Testing the Servlets on Jakarta Tomcat

·          Used JavaScript for client side validations.


Environment: HTML, JDBC, JAVA1.2, JAVA Script, XML, JAVA Servlets, Swing, MySQL




Email Reader                                                                                    Jun 2001 – Dec 2001

Client: Sunsoft, Hyderabad


Email Reader is voiceXML-based application that connects to a predefined email accounts and converts the email messages into VoiceXML. When the user connects to the voice server, the application plays out the email message in voice. The application was successfully demonstrated to the client by connecting to the application from an ordinary telephone line and the user listens to the email message over the regular phone line.



Web Page design and and user registration with email accounts

Client/Server interface using VoiceXML via the IBM Voice Server

      Extensive use of HTML and VoiceXML

Email operations using JavaMail

IVR-style client/server exchange

Module testing, integration and implementation


Environment: Java, Java Mail, HTML, JSP, VoiceXML.


SkilQuil                                                                                               Dec 2000 – Mar 2001

Client: Organon Management Services


This project is involved in developing candidate evaluation software as part of the corporate recruitment process. The project was split into various modules like Administration, Subjects and Topics, Question Data Banks, Assessment Forms and Candidate personal details. Employed Servlets, JDBC and HTML for data retrieval and manipulation, and other data functions.


Environment: Java, HTML, JDBC, SQL, and MS Access.


Library Management System                                               Aug 2000 – Dec 2000

Client: Organon Management Services


            A local university required the Library Management System. The librarian provided the requirements and the upshot of it was that it must be web-enabled and all activities viz. accession, issue, reserve, catalog were to be automated.


The project was done using Java Servlets and JDBC on MS SQL server with simple Java Beans to provide the business layer.




Involved in the meetings with the users for the requirement analysis and design of   user      interface.

Developed the system architecture

Steered the design of database connectivity.

Led the development.


Environment: Java, Servlets, JWS, MS SQL



I-Port                                                                                                  Jan 2000 – Aug 2000           

Client: ECET International, Ireland


            I-Port or Integration Port is a suit of services provided out-of-the-box for administrative, business and communication needs of an enterprise.


The project was written partly in Java and partly in C with JNI calls and interfaced with telephony equipment for phone and fax communications.




Joined the development group in version 2

Provided object-oriented design and led development team in cutting over to the next object-oriented version.

Discussing with the end users for the requirement analysis and interface design.


Environment: Java, JWS, MS SQL, Servlets, JNI, LDAP, and Telephony.



Subscriber Loop System                                                                    Mar 1999 – Oct 1999           

Client: LTN Telecom, Lichtenstein


            As a software consultant to Birla Science Center, Software Division, I was involved in the design and development of an algorithm for the subscriber loop system. The domain knowledge was gathered by interaction with client representatives. Flow charts of the system were developed and the algorithm was successfully tested on dummy data prior to implementation at client’s premises.


Prior to 1999

I was involved in developing web pages using MS FrontPage and Teaching Object-oriented programming in Java, extracting information using PERL and systems design using OOPS concepts, Design Patterns and UML.


Prior to software Industry

I worked as a certified QA inspector in the petroleum industry for Engineers India Ltd. and Reliance Industries Ltd.



·          BE              - College of Engineering, Osmania University, India.



References: Furnished upon request.



Contact Numbers:


+91 40 23352640 (Home)

+91 98481 25834 (Mobile)